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Launch & Run

We suggest you start with the end in mind: your customer.

The customer is the initiator of your strategy. Your corporate strategy should meet customer expectation. To implement that strategy, you will need to design and adjust the appropriate processes, on which to build your own organisation. Finally, you want that organisation to work as effective and efficient as possible. At this point (not before!), your choice of tool and infrastructure becomes easy and logical, and completes the working entirety of people, processes and systems in your organisation.

what we do

SiRCLE starts with YOUR idea. We can help you design your plan ('business architecture'), build your plan ('project management') and/or win the hearts & minds of the people for your plan ('change management‘).

What we can do for you

Your idea

Draft the plan (Business Architect)

Deliver the plan (Project Manager)

Win the hearts & minds (Change Manager)

Attitude | Knowledge | Skills

A unique combination that will help your business go further

how we do what we do


Capability & Capacity

In urgent need of some high-quality helping hands to deliver your product, project or service on time and within budget? SiRCLE will get you the right people that immediately help you add value to your business.

  • Program & Project Managers
  • Business Architects
  • Business Analists
  • Change & Process Managers
  • Sales Consultants


Projects & Advice

You have a business or ICT project that needs to be taken care of? SiRCLE and its partners will successfully deliver from A to Z.

  • End-to-end responsibility on FP or T&M basis
  • Transparant project administration
  • Specific Coaching, Consultation & Training
  • Independent advice


Recruitment & Staffing

Quality recruitment is and art (…and a lot of hard work). What you need is an experienced and trustworthy partner that fulfills your company’s recruitment needs while you focus on your core business. SiRCLE can assist you in this process.

  • Long-& shortlist candidates
  • Thorough assessment, reducing ‘social risk’
  • Modular service packaging (on/off site)
  • Quality of a head-hunter at the price of an employment agency

meet the team


Meet the team
Bram Van Handenhoven
Bram Van Handenhoven
Partner | Project & Program Management
Herbert Van de Poel
Herbert Van de Poel
Partner | Business Architect | Change & Transformation
Cindy Ghislain
Cindy Ghislain
Recruitment | Temporary & Permanent Staffing
Frederik Durieux
Frederik Durieux
Project & Program Manager
Michel Kranzen
Michel Kranzen
Sr Program Manager
Eric Vermeere
Eric Vermeere
Sr Business Analist & Project Manager
Friederike Schröder-Pander
Friederike Schröder-Pander
Sr BPM Consultant
Danny Ureel
Danny Ureel
Sr Business Analist

Small Team. Big Results.

Customer references

Please feel free to conatct us about challenging projects at any of our customers.

Or even better, contact them directly – nobody can explain better how we can add value to your next project.

Customer references
  • “Te veel projecten schieten hun doel voorbij”

    Bedrijven zoeken vaak hun heil in een snelle en technische oplossing voor problemen: een nieuw softwarepakket, een opleiding, … Maar bij een businessproject staat de behoefte van de klant centraal. SiRCLE ondersteunt bedrijven in het succesvol uitvoeren van businessprojecten: een stapsgewijze aanpak met focus op de meerwaarde voor de organisatie én gedragen door de medewerkers, [...]

  • Antwerpen ontvangt prestigieuze Global Startup Nations Award voor ondernemerschap


    De award is een bijzondere erkenning voor het sterke beleid van de stad Antwerpen om ondernemerschap te stimuleren en startups te faciliteren. Ook haalde Antwerpen een belangrijke Europese subsidie binnen voor zijn startupbeleid. Stad Antwerpen zal de komende jaren nog harder inzetten op de digitalisering van de economie en de samenleving. Stad Antwerpen en zijn […]

  • Digipolis stimuleert ondernemerschap: ‘buy from startup’s


    Als één van de strategische uitdagingen voor 2015 boog Digipolis zich over het bouwen van een breed inzetbare applicatie architectuur. ACPAAS werd geboren – oftewel Antwerp City Platform as a Service. Een concept waarin herbruikbare services, of engines, die voor de verschillen afdelingen binnen de stad Antwerpen bruikbaar zijn. Aangezien alles snel ontwikkeld moest worden, stippelde SiRCLE […]

  • Hire and promote first on the basis of integrity

    dee w hock

    Hire and promote first on the basis of integrity; second, motivation; third, capacity; fourth, understanding; fifth, knowledge; and last and least, experience.   Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent; without capacity, understanding is limited; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless; without knowledge, experience is blind.   Dee Hock, founder of Visa.  

  • How fast can you implement and test new ideas?

    The speed of implementing new ideas is crucial to the learning curve of your product or service

    I stumbled upon a very spot-on blogpost on the impact of the speed of implementing new ideas and features in businesses that are (highly) dependent on ICT / technological support. Most often the ICT release cycle is the bottle neck to being agile, to being able to receive consumer’s feedback and to pivot when necessary. If you’re not allowed […]

  • Manage Work, not workers

  • Agile engineering at Spotify



  • Why Managers Hate Agile


    Why don’t Agile and management get along? In a poll last Wednesday of some 400 people working in many different firms where the practices known as Agile and Scrum are being implemented, 88% reported tension between the way Agile/Scrum teams are managed in their organization and the way the rest of the organization is managed. […]

  • Expectations (workshop) in a fuzzy Agile world


    When talking about roles in an Agile team, we’re generally discouraged from making explicit roles on people, as we expect everyone to ‘be a team’ and be cross functional, t-shaped individuals (or simply, ‘team members’). We also have defined roles which are difficult to define, particularly here at Spotify, we have roles like Product Owner […]

  • SiRCLE…nu ook in 3D!

    SiRCLE 3D logo

    On Thursday, December 18th 2014, SiRCLE invited it’s staff and co-workers for a 3D-Printing-initiation workshop. Thanks to @sponnet & www.3dparts.be       

what we do best...

We implement your strategic business ideas using a structured & predictable project approach.



We’re SiRCLE. We’re into projects. Whether you are looking for a permanent or project job, as a freelance or payroll colleaugue – as long as you have got the perfect mix of attitude and skills we will be happy to welcome you.

Both recruiting for our projects as well as for permanent jobs for our customers, SiRCLE is making sure we can get your valuable skillset rewarded. Find out more below about the vacancies. Please feel free to apply for non-listed jobs by sending us your CV.

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