SiRCLE @ Lampiris

Lampiris is a 100{217aa33fcafce208ded50bc33c53624345cce6dc505518eb41906b75349d1063} Belgium company focused on delivering green energy in Belgium and France.

In 2014 Lampiris is 1 of 4 finalists in Wallonia for Belgium’s company of the year.


Sircle helped Lampiris define the next steps and had the project lead in developing new functionalities for “My Lampiris”.

“My Lampiris” is Lampiris’ customer platform developed to enable customers to look up the top 10 questions (and more!) they normally need to ask over the phone or per email.

40-50{217aa33fcafce208ded50bc33c53624345cce6dc505518eb41906b75349d1063} of all customer contacts are now done via this self-service platform and has a potential of handling 85{217aa33fcafce208ded50bc33c53624345cce6dc505518eb41906b75349d1063}.


We first focused on stabilizing the platform and ensure current functionalities were working optimally.

Next step was redesigning the pages so users experience an easy to use environment which offers an optimal number of functionalities.

For now we are promoting the tool in all communication to our customers in order to further increase the usage.

My Lampiris is currently fully embedded within the internal organization; used by customer operations to minimize contacts and by marketing as a cross selling tool.

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