SixDots is live!


Get started now. Just SixDots away from your next buy. Install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Add a debit card and set six digits to pay in a fast and secure way.

Say goodbye to your wallet! Go for Sixdots !

Multiple cards, credit cards, couponing, ticketing and loyalty solutions will be added to enrich the Sixdots experience.

You will be able to pay friend, pay for your online or in-apppurchases or even in your local store.

All with your smartphone !

Thanks to the partnership with Bancontact/Mister Cash, you can pay with Sixdots at any merchant who has activated the Bancontact/Mister Cash mobile service. The list of merchants where you can use Sixdots continues to grow and is available at the Sixdots and Bancontact/Mister Cash websites. When making online or in-app payments, the consumer chooses Bancontact/Mister Cash as the payment method and then pays with the Sixdots app. Tap your Sixdots code and you’re done!

Easy, fast and secure.

And there is more to come. 2015 will bring multiple cards, including credit cards, couponing, ticketing and loyalty. You will even be able to identify yourself with Sixdots and have a direct link with your digital banking services.

The integration of Sixdots with the MasterPass payment solution will be postponed. This extra time will be used to improve the user experience for both merchants and customers even more, to guarantee that the next steps are successful.

More info on www.sixdots.be

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