How fast can you implement and test new ideas?

I stumbled upon a very spot-on blogpost on the impact of the speed of implementing new ideas and features in businesses that are (highly) dependent on ICT / technological support. Most often the ICT release cycle is the bottle neck to being agile, to being able to receive consumer’s feedback and to pivot when necessary.

If you’re not allowed to implement new ideas, you stop having them.

New features only become valuable when you it implement and expose them to your customers. Before then it’s just a costly accumulation of hard work and assumptions. Implementing new features unlocks a feedback loop that confirms or challenges those assumptions. It makes new things possible for your customers, and gives you the opportunity to focus on the next thing. Implementation brings life to your team, to your product, and to your customers. Implementation is your company’s heartbeat.

This is not only extremely crucial to the success of any startup or intrapreneurship, but it is essential to the survival of every business.  In fact, it’s the it’s actually the translation of ‘The Lean Startup’ philosophy to the ICT release process.

The speed of implementing new ideas is crucial to the learning curve of your product or service

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