The importance of the Business Architect role

Business Architecture is an important new corporate activity and one of the three prime activities of Executive Management: Strategy | Business Architecture | Operations & Optimization.

Business Architecture is performed by cross-organizational generalists who possess professional skills for transforming corporate strategy into business designs that enable organisations to increase market share, profit margins and flexibility, while reducing risk.

At SiRCLE we believe that this role is crucial in order to craft and design your business idea. The deliverables of the business architect are often handed over to the (ICT) project manager. The latter assures on time | in budget | in scope | on quality delivery of the project, hence realising the required business transformation.

 Their unique skills include:

  • Designing dynamic, flexible new models for the business that enable it to adjust and thrive in constantly changing competitive environments.
  • Preparing business cases that provide Executive Management with the information they need to make wise decisions;
  • Incorporating the insights of customers, line employees and managers to ensure their unique needs are accommodated;
  • Engaging subject matter experts throughout the organization in the solution process;
  • Coordinating and sequencing their solutions to remove conflicts;
  • Defining metrics that provide the data necessary to make improved decisions in the future;
  • Generating necessary documentation; packaging and translating it into terms each audience can understand and embrace.

A more extensive explanation on the key activities or the business architect can be found here.

Adapted from www.businessarchitectsassociation.org


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